Gregory Stenstrom - CEO - Technology leader and digital transformation expert. CEO, CTO, CIO, and CISO for multiple corporations. Strong industry reputation as a problem solver that rapidly distills complexity into actionable simplicity. Accomplished International business executive with experience in US / Europe / Africa / Middle East / Pan-America. Former US Naval Officer qualified in Surface Warfare, Anti-Submarine, Anti-Air, Electronic Warfare, Nuclear Weapons Security, Navy Diving, and Special Operations, serving in Commanding and Executive Officer roles. BS, US Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD.

Darryl Gaeman – Corporate executive with CTO, CIO, EVP of Technology, and Director level experience, successfully growing three different startup Healthcare companies to large corporate acquisitions. Expert in developing strategic and scalable tactical technology plans that promote growth, leverage competitive differentiation, and improve employee efficiency. Expert in assembling technical teams, developing enterprise hardware and software solutions, and rapid adoption of emerging technologies. Deep expertise in healthcare asset-based lending, telecommunications, ecommerce, networking, VOIP, and software development. BS, Electrical Engineering, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA.

Lucy Maresca-Farjam – Corporate sales executive with WorldCom, Nextel, Qwest Communications and Spectrum, serving primarily Enterprise and Global Fortune 500 corporate clients, as well as non-profit foundations and organizations focusing on children’s advocacy. Expert in carrier level telecommunications services and infrastructure. CEO of NY Business Consulting Group, and multiple successful companies, that provide managed services, integrated network solutions, and business development for physical security, cybersecurity, insurance and legal services. Lifelong advocate and volunteer for multiple children’s organizations. BS, St. John’s University, Jamaica, NY.

Phil Barnabei – Public Relations executive and financier with 40 years-experience specializing in US casino and gaming industry, international hotel chains, luxury goods, and the entertainment industry. CEO of successful international sporting goods company. Expert in branding and marketing of Software and Platform as a Service delivery models.

Patrick Stenstrom - Experienced hotel and restaurant operations and sales manager.  Food and beverage manager for three successful startup restaurants, of which two successfully expanded into multiple franchises.  Expert in logistics, ordering, point of sales systems, inventory control, advertising and sales.  Food Marketing and Business Administration, St Joseph’s University (2007-2010), Penn State University, (2019-Present), BS Completion 2020.

Brian Stenstrom – Senior sales executive and operations manager in logistics and transportation industry for Pittsburg Logistics Services (PLS), Rudco Products, Ransome International, and United Parcel Service (UPS).  AS, Liberal Arts, Camden Community College, Camden, New Jersey.