Why Us?

The Marque Star JANUS© platform and architecture is a solution derived from the success, experience, and expertise of business leaders, computer scientists, and engineers that previously created like systems for the global 500 and global governments since the inception of the modern Internet in the 1990's.  The principal leaders and advisers for Marque Star have all, individually built $500M-to-multi-billion dollar businesses, giving them unmatched experience in success, unparalleled resources, and prescient insights into making our customers successful.  A core business strategy is to develop solutions and go where prospective competitors are not, or cannot compete with us, making our offerings unique and proprietary - providing out clients with competitive advantages few have been able to achieve, or imagined until engaging with us.  We can help you predict, and control, your future.

Some manifestations of our stated expertise, experience, and strategy include:

  • Marque Star has developed multiple sole source, "one stop," "one throat to choke," industry vertical solution sets from our core JANUS© architecture, and is continues to rapidly build new capabilities on an aggressive planned schedule.
  • Marque Star is capable of financing the acquisition of software, platform, and licensing inventory up to $100M.
  • Marque Star hosts it's "big data" offerings in private cloud and multi-cloud architecture with AWS, Google, and Microsoft Azure.
  • Marque Star is the only provider of "lossless video" for visualizations and renderings of data with resolutions up to 32K.
  • Marque Star is the first  SaaS / PaaS provider for Splunk
  • Marque Star is the first  SaaS / PaaS provider for Snare.
  • Marque Star is among the first  SaaS / PaaS providers for Juniper MIST.
  • Marque Star is on the New Jersey State Master Contract for Data Communications.
  • The combination of being first, being focused, and the capability to deliver strategic, long-term SaaS solutions to our clients in a private and multi-cloud architecture makes us a leader in the industry, and unique in the business of data sciences and digital transformation.