Why Us?

  • Marque Star is first  and foremost, expert  in Juniper Networks products and solutions.
  • Marque Star hosts it's offerings in its own private cloud, and supports multi-cloud architecture.
  • Marque Star is the first  SaaS / PaaS provider for Splunk
  • Marque Star is the first  SaaS / PaaS provider for Snare.
  • Marque Star is among the first  SaaS / PaaS providers for Juniper MIST.
  • Marque Star is on the New Jersey State Master Contract for Data Communications.
  • Marque Star is capable of financing the acquisition of software, platform, and licensing inventory.
  • Marque Star focuses on, and is expert in, only one manufacturer solution set for each technology vertical, with each solution set seamlessly able to work with each other.
  • The combination of being first, being focused, and the capability to deliver strategic, long-term SaaS/PaaS solutions to our clients in a private and multi-cloud architecture makes us a leader in the industry, and unique in the business of digital transformation.