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JANUS© Education

Marque Star JANUS© Education is a Blended Learning as a Service package provided as a complete, all inclusive solution, with financing available for  $5M-$100M+ (no upper limit), with long term, low rates for qualified municipalities and governments.   "Blended Learning" is an integrated traditional brick and mortar education experience, with a seamless, complementary remote learning experience.

Per Seat Pricing Solution Includes: 

  • Complete hardware packages (Chromebook, Android Tablets, Windows)
  • Wifi and Commercial Wireless Internet Access
  • Break/fix replacement insurance
  • Technical support services
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • School Information System (SIS)
  • Administrative, Teacher, Student, Parent Interface
  • Collaboration Services offering immersive classroom experiences
  • Unified Communications and High Definition Video Meeting Collaboration
  • Complete Curriculum Libraries
  • Customized "Build Your Own" Curriculum Libraries
  • All US and Global Educational Standards
  • "Flipped Classroom" learning programs


  • K-12
  • Vocational
  • Corporate
  • Gifted Student Programs
  • Multi-lingual
  • Tribal Nations
  • Remote Tutor Option
  • Customizable to meet your choice of educational standard(s)
  • Customizable to support curriculum options (Create/Provided/Hybrid)
  • Customizable to support range of learning-levels (slower-learners and gifted with our AI interface)
  • Reporting tools
  • Assessment tools
  • Augmented Reality

    Marque Star professional staff includes PHD and EdD educators that align and continually monitor, develop and refine the platform.
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