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Marque Star JANUS© Aerospace provides a modern Computer Aided Logistics System (CALS) system that aggregates aviation and spacecraft design and document management systems into a unified command and control system to deliver and manage airframes and fleets.

The Marque Star JANUS© Core architecture has been extended to service the Aerospace industry with following capabilities:

  • Rapid aerospace prototyping, simulation, and design analysis
  • 8K visually "lossless" video resolution, up to 32K, of images and renderings
  • Visually "lossless" rendering of "real video" versus pixelated, artifacted video
  • CAD/CAM Design, Build, Machine systems
  • Automated document management of airframes and airframe components by tail number
  • Unified conversion of legacy drawings, images, and CAD into a unified rendering format
  • Reconciliation of legacy drawings and documents
  • Create, track, and monitor workflows
  • Reporting tools
  • Assessment tools
  • Augmented "Remote Assisted" aircraft maintenance
  • Augmented Reality
  • 3D Printing
  • OpenPLM (Product Lifecycle Management) support