About Marque Star

Marque Star is a digital transformation company that provides private cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) enabled by Juniper Networks, MIST, Splunk, Snare, Nutanix and complementary offerings.  We have offices in PA, NJ, and NY, and are on the New Jersey State Master Contract for data communications, technology products and services. 

Our business is Juniper Networks solutions centric, which moves data throughout an organization’s network and the cloud, with a suite of solutions that move data to and from business networks, converge data, provide access to end users, and continuously capture and analyze metrics to manage and protect information.

Marque Star was founded in 2011. Initially a maritime security company that operated in Africa and the Middle East, the business transformed over time as the founder also transformed, and adjusted course to focus on technology.  Recognizing the needs of business, government, and the military to reduce complexity, today Marque Star is focused on delivering simplicity in information technology and networks.  Our SaaS and PaaS offerings provide our customers with secure, industry leading solutions at a highly competitive cost, accelerated implementation times, and total peace of mind.

Marque Star is on the New Jersey State Master Contract AR229 Contract, M-7000 DATA COMMUNICATIONS EQUIPMENT, and Veteran Owned.