About Marque Star

Marque Star was founded in 2011. Initially a maritime security and anti-piracy company that operated in Africa and the Middle East, the business transformed over time as the founder, Gregory Stenstrom, also transformed.  Recognizing the needs of business, government, and the military to reduce complexity, today Marque Star is focused on delivering simplicity in information technology and networks.

Our business is Juniper Networks solutions centric, which moves data throughout an organization’s network and the cloud, with complementary solutions that move data to and from business networks, provide access to end users, and continuously collect and analyze metrics to manage and protect information.

We serve businesses, government and the military in moving, accessing, and monitoring information.

Gregory Stenstrom - CEO

Gregory is an entrepreneur and technology executive with a proven ability to lead, develop business, and manage risks. He has been CEO, CTO, CIO, and CISO for multiple corporations. Greg has a strong reputation as a leader and problem solver that rapidly distills complexity into actionable simplicity.  He is an International business expert with experience in US / Europe / Africa / Middle East / Pan-America.   Former US Naval Officer qualified in Surface Warfare, Anti-Submarine, Anti-Air, Electronic Warfare, Nuclear Weapons Security, Navy Diving, and Special Operations, serving in Commanding and Executive Officer roles.   He graduated from the US Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD.